India Gets Its First All Women Swat Team With All 36 Commandos From Northeastern States

Slowly and gradually, women are becoming more empowered and independent. Be it sports, science, business or defense, women are taking active participation, and are excelling in it. Ahead of Independence day, the Delhi Police has inducted an all women Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team.

The team has undergone rigorous training for 15 months from specialists across India and abroad. This all women SWAT team comprises of 36 women with all of them coming from northeastern states. 13 members are from Assam and the rest hail from Manipur, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

The members of this team are experts in counter ambush, VVIP security and in building interventions. They are armed with MP5 Submachine guns and Glock 21 pistols. They are also trained in Israeli Krav Mega which is an unarmed Combat style.

Building an all women SWAT team was the idea of Delhi Police Comissioner Amulya Patnaik. He said, The team is ready to take on hostage crises and terror strikes in urban areas. The members of this all-women SWAT team received better ratings at the Police Training College in Jharoda Kalan than their male counterparts."

Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that this team will be deployed at Red Fort and India Gate during Independence Day celebrations.

Pramod Kushwaha, a senior Delhi police official, “These women have broken into a male bastion. People often have this kind of misconception that women cannot do this or women cannot do that, but I can say very proudly that these women are on par and at times better than the male commandos."

He further said, “We are very confident that these women are fully competent and there is no reason why they should not be given the high-profile task."

“They know how to fire all weapons, they can intervene any terror situation or hostage situation, be it at homes or public places like malls and markets – anything, anywhere. It’s amazing because some of the best male commandos cannot do what these women can do,” he added.

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