India Now Has First Fully Automated Cash Counter Free Supermarket In Kochi

We love going to supermarkets because of the wide range of products available under one roof. We can pick things we like and compare with other substitute products. We can easily roam around in the supermarket to explore the new products available which might interest us. However, one thing that we hate is standing in long queues at the cash counter thereafter.

But there's a good news for shoppers as they are now going to be a part of futuristic shopping experience. We will now not have to wait in long queues at the cash counter as India has now welcomed its first fully automated cash counter free supermarket in Kochi. You just have to visit the store, pick up the products and leave. Isn't it real simple?

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Watasale, a tech-driven startup in Kochi has actually made in happen. Modelled on Amazon Go is the first physical store by the online retail giant where customers can shop without actually going to cash counters. The store is equipped with a combination of AI, camera technology and other sensors enabling it to operate 24/7 without any manual help.

Customers can enter the store by scanning the QR code on Watasale's mobile application. After entering the store, you can pick products you like, just as you do in any other store. Once you pick a product, it will be added to your cart on your Watasale's mobile application. Once you finish, you are billed for total products.

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Well, we often pick products from shelf, analyse it, and keep it back.  Now the question is, when we are once billed, how will we return the product as we are already billed? Well, if you have picked a product and it is already billed and you don't want it now, you just have to keep it back in the shelf. Once you keep it back, it will be removed from your cart and the bill will be revised. While you are shopping, you can check your cart real time.

Once you have picked all the items, you can leave the store. Wondering how the payment will be made? Well, the bill will be deducted from your credit/ debit card or mobile wallet linked to the app.

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Subhash, CEO of Watasale said, "Customers can enter the supermarket, pick the items they want and leave. The store will recognize the items with the help of artificial intelligence and camera."

The first store has just opened in Kochi and they have plans to expand in other cities like Bangluru and New Delhi.

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