“I’m really happy with my life”,says Bahu Begum actress Diana Khan

Diana Khan a.k.a Shayra of Colors' recently released Tv show Bahu Begum, shares the difficulties of playing a mature character, her hardships and her span in Bollywood.


The small screen is coming up with many young talents, who are creating a niche with their exhibitions and dedication.Here's a tate-a-tete with Diana Khan, who is seen playing Shayra in Colors' Bahu Begum. The young actress shares the difficulties of playing a mature character, her hardships and her spell in Bollywood.


Extracts from the discussion:

At the release of the show, maker Prateek Sharma shared how he auditioned around 80 young actresses before finalizing you. How does that really feel?


Obviously, it feels so special. To be honest, when I did the audition and mock shoot, someplace I had the certainty that I will traverse. Prior, I have done Parvarrish however as a child actor. This is my first project as the main lead. And yes it is a huge opportunity for me. I was truly captivated by the character of Shayra. She is so mature and sorted out, direct inverse to me. I am very relaxed and joyful.

Do you find it challenging to play somebody who is so unique in relation to you?


Truly it does, however, I have the best director, Prateek Shah. He truly underpins me and at whatever point I leave my character, he pulls me back. Shayra is very graceful and her Urdu is exact. I won't state I am filling the role best now however, I am showing signs of improvement.


The show likewise stars Samiksha Jaiswal who has a huge fanbase. So, do you find yourself fearful of doing a show with two women leads?


No, nothing such. There is no insecurity. I thought about the character and story from the very first moment, so there was never any extent of any fear. In the event that there would have been any insecurity, I would have never taken up the show.

As somebody who began working at a young age, don't you ever feel that you pa**ed up a lot as an adolescent?


I am extremely content with my life and I tried for this. I am likewise studying and doing everything an ordinary adolescent does. Thus, I am not by any means mi**ing out on anything. Likewise, having begun young, I have a different mentality and no more it relates with young girls of my age. I really feel fortunate to have a profession at such a young age. Individuals struggle a lot for a considerable length of time to bag a decent project.


You made your Bollywood debut with Ghayal Once Again. How could you choose to make the move back to TV?


I was clear in my mind that I will deal with all mediums. The only thing that is in any way important was decent content. I feel fortunate that I could do Ghayal with Sunny Deol sir. We as a whole fortified like family on sets. It was such a learning experience and I will consistently appreciate the time. I am available to do films again.

What kind of struggle have you seen in your life?


So workwise it hasn't generally been a struggle. My folks got separated when I was very young. My mom has brought me and my sibling up without any assistance. Also, I should let you know that there was never any absence of adoration. She never let that come access between our bliss. Today, we are a glad family together. Also, our mom is our closest companion. We go out for snacks, films, and drives like companions. I can even have a discussion about beau or work issues transparently with her.


by Lokendra Sharma | Fri, Aug 02 - 02:47 PM

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