Students of IIT Madras Created A Robotic Machine To Recognize Cracks in Rail Tracks And Dodge Mishaps

Rail paths are the most important things, which have to be cautiously maintained on a regular basis to keep them safe for travel.

Preservation is just as vital as making up a particular thing. And railway paths are frequently preserved by a group of people, who repeatedly visit the site to check the lanes. This generally puts them in danger of damage as researches showcase that around 400 people lost their lives in mishaps each year, the majority of them get hit by trains, while working.

But at the moment, Artemis can assist in saving lives of workers, whilst keeping travellers in a safe condition.

Yes, Artemis is a robotic machine set up by a group of pupils belongs to the well known Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

The robot gets fitted beside a railway pathway and can spot cracks as small as 2 cm with the help of its sensing elements.

The 1.5-foot long robotic machine will boast of 6 wheels that can travel to and fro at a rapidity of 1 m/s on the railway pathways.

In addition, the robotic machine will have highly innovative ultrasonic as well as infrared sensing elements to gather facts. After gathering the info, it will forward it to a microcontroller.

The machine also has a GPS unit and a GSM-permitted SIM card that guarantees that when the machine finds a crack, the microcontroller forwards the site and a message on proper time.

As per the student of biotechnology at IIT-M Shashwat Sahoo, “We have created a system, which is completely programmed and forwards real-time facts with the precise position of the crack for action needed. It cuts response time.”

Sahoo, Shashwat Sahoo, who is also the member of the Artemis squad, added up, “It is (a) cheap solution for Indian Railways — we used the commonly available material to build the device. We eventually plan to have a central database to which the robot could send the data.”

In recent times, the technology got showcased at the inter-IIT gathering during this year. The knowhow got praised by fellow pupils as well as tutors.

The squad is all set to make discussion with the rail section for a particular site where the special technology could be tried and tested.

by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jun 19 - 04:09 PM

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