IAF to confirm it as a ‘Friendly Fire’ over the Budgam Chopper Incident

The Indian Air Force personnel are likely to confront strict disciplinary action for a temporary failure that directed towards the crash of Mi-17 helicopter at Budgam on 27th February. They termed it as a 'friendly fire'. Earlier, the accident took place at 10.10 AM in the month of February. Due to the combat between Indian and Pakistani fighter jets, they were engaged in an aerial fight.

The IAF officials said, 'we cannot say anything till the CoI reaches a conclusion… it is premature.' As per the reports, an Israeli SPYDER surface-to-air missile was fired and the Mi-17 chopper was crashed in just a span of 12 seconds of the launch. The Air Officer Commanding [AOC], an Air Commodore from Srinagar has been transferred out while the second-in-command, the COO [Chief Operations Officer] is examined in a close manner.

After the alleged action, it led to the investigation in just a few hours of the miserable incident. In the incident, 6 air warriors were killed that included a civilian. In a span of 90 days, they organized a few internal investigations. The Air Headquarters officials are eagerly waiting for the metallurgical analysis report from the Bengaluru-based laboratory.

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The metallurgical reports are highly essential in order to build the whole incident in the absence of the black box from the chopper. Apart from a brief statement released on 27th February, there is no other announcement regarding the incident. As per the news from sources, the chopper took off from Srinagar airbase at 10 AM. Later, it was hit by a surface-to-air missile and crashed at Budgam after 10 minutes.

The personnel who were killed in the crash include Wing Commander Sidharth Sharma, Squadron Leader Ninad Mandavgane, Sergeant Vikrant Sherawat, Corporal Deepak Pandey, Corporal Pankaj Kumar, and engineer Vishal Kumar Pandey. They consider that some external event might be a reason behind the crash.

by Mamatha Reddy | Wed, May 22 - 01:37 PM

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