In A Hilarious Incident In Football World Cup Match A Fan Just Smoked Cigarette From His Burning Wallet

Football is one of the most watched sport in the world. In India, the sport is famous because of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sunil Chhetri and Lionel Messi. Recently in a football world cup match, a man was having cigarettes in the coolest way ever.

According to the rules, the fans are prohibited to take flammable things like lighter and cigarettes inside the stadium for security purpose. However, one hotshot had other purposes in mind for his flamethrower. To be specific, he multi-purposed this magic prop into a cigarette lighter.

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"Why carry around a lighter when I can just light cigarettes with my wallet instead?" is probably the thought that went through this guy’s head as he left his house. This guy was caught on camera during a World Cup match and the commentator's reaction was,"Oh Good Lord, Son!"

A Twitter user tweeted and warned people in a fun way, "A "Flaming Wallet", coming to a stadium near you!"

A user describes what all man are doing and tweeted "(frantically searches Amazon for flaming wallet)"

A user jokingly tweeted, "30 seconds after the guy at the World Cup lights his cigarette with a fire wallet and I’m on eBay looking to buy my own"

A twitter user shockingly tweeted, "Did some use a flaming wallet to light a cigarette at the IranVsSpain match!?"

Another user hilariously tweeted, "Annnnd live from Russia.. no goals but we've got flaming wallets"

Another user tweeted, "Say what you will about Fox's World Cup coverage, but at least they showed us a man lighting a cigarette with a flaming wallet."

Another tweeter user tweeted, "You can't bring a bottle of water into a stadium in the US and my man at the World Cup has a wallet that catches fire to light his cig".

Another tweeter user commented, "I'd like to join your LinkedIn network".

Seems like, with every security arrangements, people are coming up with new ideas to break them.

by Admin | Sat, Jun 23 - 11:21 AM

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