Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle Broke Royal Etiquette Many Times

Meghan Markle is the newest member to make entry to the British Royal kin and turned the Duchess of Sussex. But it is not straightforward being a part of Regal kin, with the number of regulations in position. And Meghan has already breached quite some of the rules.

Check out the rules that she broke:

1. Showcasing her legs in the presence of others: Meghan did not put on stockings when she along with Prince Harry made the declaration about their engagement.

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As per the public etiquette for the British royalty, no family member should bear his/her legs openly. The females need to put on nude-colored stockings along with attires, normally.

2. Turning her back to the Queen: The newest member of the Royal Family is stated to have gone in opposition to majestic etiquette by briefly turning her back towards Her Majesty to talk to Prince Harry.

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3. Exposing her shoulders: When the 36-year-old wore a bespoke creation by Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera at her first Trooping, she turned many heads. Fashion custom generally states that Royal females do not put on off-shoulder or other revealing clothes.

4. No hugs: Meghan embraced a star-struck little school girl on a regal visit to the city of Birmingham after the small girl told the royal pair that she will become an actor. Kate only hugs if a kid dives for it, whilst the Queen remains formal with waving and the rare handshake.

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5: Walking down the aisle single-handedly: In a surprising weave to 2018’s biggest nuptials, Meghan made entry to the St Georges Chapel alone before getting wedded to Prince Harry. After her dad Thomas Markle backed down of attending the marriage, it was stated that she would walk alone on her special day.

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A source stated, "It was something she made clear she wanted to do when she and Prince Harry started planning their wedding last November."

6: Legs Crossing: All eyes were set on Prince Harry’s life partner this week as she enjoyed the Queens Young Leaders reception at Buckingham Palace. Meghan put on a pink Prada outfit for the event, and she kept her legs crossed to one side. But the Royals normally ignore this position while sitting.

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Jul 01 - 01:16 PM

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