8 Lesser-known facts about Mahabharata’s famous character Shakuni Mama which you can’t miss

Gandhari’s brother Shakuni is thought to be the key cause after the battle of Mahabharata.

Whilst we frequently talk about how the Prince of Gandharva, Duryodhan's maternal uncle influenced him resulting in the battle, we barely converse anything about Shakuni 's life.

Shakuni might have received your loath certainly, however, he will constantly be a necessary part of the past, After all, not everybody has the intelligence to win realms via just a simple dice competition.

Read 8 Lesser-Known Facts About Shakuni Mama That You Missed to Know -

#1. Shakuni had two sons.

Shakuni had two sons named Uluka and Vrikasura.

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#2. Shakuni also had 100 brothers along with 100 nephews

King Subala has 100 sons and Shakuni was his last son (100th), and so was also recognized as Saubala. He had 99 brothers and one sister.

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#3. Shakuni had no bad feelings for the Pandavas.

Shakuni had no bad feelings in opposition to Pandavas. The chief ill will was against Bhishma Pitamah. Shakuni was against that his sister tying the nuptial knot to a blind man.

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#4. Shakuni was an illusionist.

The dice game is famous when we talk about Mahabharata. Yudhishthira lost the game to the mastermind Shakuni on the basis of his illusionary ploys in the much legendary gamble.

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#5. Shakuni's special dice was prepared from ivory

Shakuni's special dice is said to be fabricated of his father's thigh fillet but in point of fact, it got fabricated using ivory.

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#6. Shakuni got slaughtered by Sahadeva

Sahadeva slaughtered Shakuni on the eighteenth day of the Mahabharata battle.

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#7. In Kerala, there is a holy place dedicated to Shakuni

Shakuni also had a positive side like Ravana. The Kuruvar society in the Kollam region of the state of Kerala, accept the superior qualities of Shakuni.

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#8. Shakuni is considered as the flag carrier of the Dwapar Yuga.

Shakuni is frequently witnessed as a coward however the reality is regardless of having plenty of chances to go back to his realm, he chose to stay and make sure that the Kuru Empire comes to an end.

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