He-Man Dharmendra’s Instagram Posts Will Showcase His Love Towards Farming

We all have witnessed the Hindi film industry's senior superstars are still interested in working on new films along with new stars. All of them love being on the silver screen and making buffs happy with their superb acting skills. But there are some stars who share their love for other things except just acting.

Here we are talking about veteran Bollywood He-Man Dharmendra who opened up his Insta account in the year 2017. In recent times, we came to know about his unconditional love for agriculture and his animals. He feels proud that he is the son of an agriculturist and produces a range of fresh produce on his farmland.

The happiness on his cute face is really worth

In this picture, he is contented like an agriculturist. He is not an actor here but a true farmer. The sweet smile on his charming face gives an explanation for his adorship for farms.

Contented to be an agriculturist

Dharma paaji also grows fresh produces, and his face shows the satisfaction, which he acquires from the same.

Happy to see the mangoes from his farm

Dharam Ji’s seems too happy after seeing the mangoes that are freshly plucked from his farm. The superstar also told how he had grown each of the plants with real love, and now all of his family members will enjoy them with the identical love.

His adoration for his birdies

Not to disregard, his love for animals and birds is much more genuine than we can enjoy this cute video recording. You can see his face, how contented these cute birds make him feel!

Actor's absolute love for agriculture and animals

This action of the superstar converses so much on his straightforwardness and purity. Listen to him in this recording, and you'll come to know just how much he respects and loves these creatures of God (cows and buffaloes).

Animals before self

Dharam ji feeds his loving animals and birds at first. Yes, he feeds them before having his breakfast. This showcases his extreme love for his pets and his cool nature.

The contentment that this recording carries

Joyful cute little calf fed by a contented superstar. This shows how Dharam Ji enjoys each and every moment of his life. He finds pleasure in everything. He loves to enjoy his life to the fullest.

Dharam Paaji, you are great!

by Vijay Singh | Thu, Jun 07 - 06:09 PM

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