Happy Birthday Jonty Rhodes, Some Interesting Facts About Greatest Fieldsman Ever

Jonty Rhodes is the ex-South African Test and one-day International cricketer. Jonty is referred to as the ‘God of Fielding’ and there’s no doubt about it. Rhodes single-handedly brought changes in the art of fielding. He also made people realize the importance of this aspect of cricket which was given far less importance in olden times. There was no better fielder in the backwards point and point region than him. A solid and athletic identity, his shocking jumping efforts has given a number of amazing minutes for the cricket fanatics to appreciate. He was a fearless man and batsmen barely set out to take quick runs at whatever point the ball went towards him.

The celebrated cricketer and an amazing fielder turned 49 today. So let’s have a look at the amazing cricket journey and also some lesser-known facts about Rhodes which not many must be knowing.

Here’s wishing Jonty Rhodes a very happy birthday!!

by Vijay Singh | Fri, Jul 27 - 11:36 AM

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