With less than Rs 5000, Hussain Saify’s software services startup revenue is now one crore

Husain Saify is a Bhopal-based engineer who owns software services startup HackerKernel which is markable internationally from a Tier II city. In 2015, Hussain Saify was working in his father’s shoe store and learning how to code. He is now 21-years-old and completed his Bachelor of Computer Application degree and runs HackerKernel which is the city's leading startup. He started his software services with less than Rs. 5000 which has now a revenue of more than Rs 1 crore.

In less than three years, Hussain has built a company that employs 25 engineers who serve more than 200 companies. His clients include Eduzina, Zingfy, and Madcue.

Hussain was keen in learning the codes and by the age of 12, he started to learn C++ and HTML on his own. He got a call to built an e-commerce website for a local brand when he started as a freelance web developer in 2015 for only paying his own internet bills. Hussain said, "My first customer was a local fast-food brand."

He got Rs. 5000 as his first paycheck and he invested it in his startup -HackerKernel. While working in his dad's shop he learned technologies like Javascript and Android development and also started blogging and started YouTube tutorials on “programming”. All of this led to launching his HackerKernel in late 2015.

He recalls, "I became popular with these videos. People started reaching out to me with project inquiries. I started to take up these projects and began to earn Rs 15,000-20,000 per month."

When the workload started to rise he asked his friend, Rithik Soni, to begin programming along with him. Soon, startups from Bhopal and Indore began to connect with HackerKernel. They started developing mobile applications; a third co-founder, Yash Dabi, joined in 2016. Both Husain’s co-founders take salaries as the company is generating money.

From Left to Right: Husain Saify, Rithik Soni, Yash Dabi

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“We are working on native application technologies like Flutter and React Native, which are the future,” Hussain says.

According to the yourstory.com, Hacker Kernel works on a time and material model. If a company wants an app developed, it charges for the complexity and the time spent by a set team on finishing the project. The company works on strict SLAs and guarantees delivery.

For example, HackerKernel built an online clinic management app called PhysioDesk Pro, which is made available to physiotherapists in global markets. The app, exclusive to PhysioDesk, a health and fitness company, allows physiotherapists to manage patients and online prescriptions.

These days every small business have apps and websites so this business is growing very very fast in the market.

by Soniya Kaur | Fri, Aug 17 - 05:49 PM

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