Growing Up In An Army Background, You Will Surely Learn Beautiful And Valuable Lessons

A life of an army man is not that simple and we all know that. They serve the nation with all their dedication and also sacrifice their lives for their beloved country.

Well, not just the army man but also his family makes a lot of sacrifices just to adjust with the way they work. From staying away from their elderly to changing several homes to not being with their loved ones whenever they want, a kid growing up in an army background will definitely learn all this.

So here are a few valuable lessons every kid grown up in the army background has learned and they are just too precious and beautiful.

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  1. Stay happy with what you have

(We have lived out of trunks and adopted a minimalist lifestyle. We learnt to not get attached to material things and be happy with what we have.)

Adapt yourself wherever you go but never get attached to anything which makes you emotional. Live a simple but happy life.

  1. Collect experiences over things.

(We didn’t have too many possessions. Instead, we had a plethora of experiences collected over years of shifting base)

When you keep changing your base, you get several experiences; cherish them all for the rest of your lives.

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  1. Be independent

(We have lived away from our fauji parent. But we learned to fend for ourselves in their absence)

This is so heart-breaking but only a fauji kid knows how to survive strongly without their parents.

  1. Discipline is a virtue

(Everything around us has a certain discipline to it. There was always a method to the madness and we made it a part of our life)

Army people are extremely disciplined and they also up-bring their kids in the same manner who in turn learn how to live a disciplined life.

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  1. Make your own place in the world

(We have all the luxuries thanks to the armed forces. However, we don’t inherit it all and have to eventually make a name for ourselves)

Don’t rely on all the power and prestige you get from your parents. Do something on your own and create a name in the world to shine.

  1. You are an Indian first

(When someone asked us where we were from we never named a state or hometown. We were always Indian or simply a ‘fauji kid’)

Not just the Faujis but also their kids are true patriots. They always represent themselves as Indians first while introducing them.

So folks, the ones who are from the army background will definitely be able to relate to all these valuable things.

by Vijay Singh | Thu, Jun 28 - 12:50 PM

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