The groom wore the ‘mangalsutra’ everyone was amused! Full details inside

As of late, there were two unique marriages in the area of Vijaypur in northern Karnataka, which had a ton of discourse in the nearby media.

In these two weddings, the lady of the hour sitting in the structure wearing Mangalasutra in the neck of the spouse.

These two weddings of Nalbahal taluka in Naltwad were talked about in neighborhood papers. The reaction of numerous individuals continued as before - "extremely unusual", "what is it?"

In any case, the group of Ashok Baragundi, the administration worker, is amazed at the exchange getting hitched to his child and nephew.

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He disclosed to BBC Hindi, "It isn't astounding that numerous relational unions in our family have happened thusly."

Be that as it may, what is so extraordinary about this marriage?

A little structure was worked under the picture of the twelfth century social reformer Lord Basavanna on which two ladies and two ladies were sitting.

Before the statue of Lord Basavanna, Gurmahant Swamiji of Sri Mahanteshwar Institute Math of Ikal was sitting.

Two ladies were given two wedding coins (one sort of rosary) made of Rudraksh. It is much the same as the Mangalasutra, worn in different pieces of India. Them two attached the wedding coin to the neck of their ladies.

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Following this, both bridees were given wedding customs produced using such a Rudraksh, which they put on the ladies.

The two sets began rehashing the mantras of Swamiji -

"Marriage isn't just physical relationship.

It depends on adoration and profound intelligence in hearts.

We will see one another and together we will spend a lifetime.

by Lokendra Sharma | Mon, Apr 15 - 11:19 AM

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