Grand Theft Auto 6: Leaked map shows new details of the game

Rockstar Games is now discussing GTA 6, despite the fact that the popularity of GTA 5 has not waned. There are also rumours that GTA 6 would return to Vice City, which if happened, it'll be nearly two decades later, and obviously in a more contemporary and ahead version.

A new map has recently appeared on the internet that purports to show GTA 6 Vice City. There was an earlier edition of the map as well, but this current one has more details and a larger scale.

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The chart shows that there are vast stretches of land near a river that separates the map into two landmasses.

The map also includes airports and military bases, implying the existence of aircraft in the game. Of note, it is still unknown if GTA 6 takes back piston aircraft and fighter jets from GTA 5. The original GTA Vice City featured no aircraft with which players could interact.

The map is somewhat bigger as compared to GTA 5's Los Santos. However, Rockstar Games has a history of doing wonders with maps, and it is anticipated that the upcoming Vice City will provide chances for players to explore in the same way that GTA 5's Los Santos did.

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A previous GTA 6 report has pointed at the story's protagonist bringing a female lead. Rockstar Games is currently making great revenues off of GTA 5 and GTA Online, which were released in 2013. The game will be redesigned for the Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 consoles of the new generation.

by Ananya | Mon, May 17 - 08:40 PM

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