Government Girl’s School in Rewari Lukhi village has only one student and single teacher

As per latest and shocking reports, the Government Girls Secondary School situated in Rewari’s Lukhi village has just one student named Kusum Kumari, who is studying in seventh (7th) standard.

Not only this, the school also has only one teacher in the school.

Daya Kishan, the only teacher of the Government Girls Secondary School, gets a monthly pay of Rs 70,000 from the administration.

The teacher stated, “I am a social studies teacher but I teach all subjects to my student. Even though mathematics is not my strong suit, I teach her whatever I can.”

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Kumari is the only person in this government school. She stated that she does not have any problem being the single students but she always misses having school friends.

The building of the government school boasts 3 rooms that get utilized as storage space. Daya Kishan teaches Kumari outside on the porch. A nearby Government Primary School with the capacity of 21 students is situated just half a kilometre away from Kumari’s school. Mom of this girl is responsible for distributing mid-day meal amongst pupils of both the secondary as well as primary schools. The people living in the village Lukhi are mostly the belonged to the families of freedom fighters.

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In the year 2016, Government Girls Secondary School had 22 female students. During 2014-15 session, the number stood to 12. In the 2016-17 session, the number increased two folds but at this time, only one girl attends school.

In addition to teaching Kumari, the teacher Daya Kishan also cleans the school.

He added, “Every year, the education department spends Rs 8.5 lakh on a school. The situation here does not look good. This child should be sent to another school.”

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The mystery is why the education division is running an educational institution that just one student.

According to Suresh Goria, district education officer, Rewari, the education section knows the entire situation.

But, he said, “We cannot deny admission to this girl if she seeks to study in the school. So, what can we do?”

by Vijay Singh | Thu, Jul 19 - 03:03 PM

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