Government To Have Complete Control Over Your Room Temperature With ACs’ Default Setting At 24°C

To skip that unusually hot weather even in monsoon season, people think to buy AC. So, they can manage their room's temperature to spend their time in a cozy and cold way. But, today the news that is rolling will surely gonna give the shock to the dreams of all who are planning to do so.

Now, the government has decided that air-conditioners to soon be sold with a default setting of 24 degrees Celsius. And, that will only allow you to do setting between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. What???

Power minister R K Singh at the meeting made a statement by saying, "This is not only uncomfortable but is unhealthy." Well, a human body temperature is approximately 36-37 degree Celsius but if we consider hotels, offices and commercial establishments then they keep the temperature of ACs at 18-21 degree.

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As per the recent reports, "the power ministry intends to issue an advisory to all commercial and public establishments to keep the temperature set at 24 degrees."

A campaign has run for six months and according to the feedback received from the public, now the minister made it mandatory to think. As the statement read as "these were decided at a meeting with AC manufacturers on Friday."

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From earlier this month, an inefficient ACs was called for the surge in power demand in the capital. However, now onwards the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the ministry's standards arm formulated a star rating system for efficiency on ACs and the electric products.

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