Google’s AI failed to perform well in a High School Math Test

Google is a place where you get answer of your every question or curiosity but it should not be stupid one. Well, Google is a mastermind. However, Do you have the same IQ or Are you smarter as of Google's best AI Google's premiere artificial intelligence program??

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DeepMind is designed for 16-year-old high school students and recently it has failed a math test. As it is being trained in the math curriculum a typical UK high school, the AI managed to score 14 out of 40, wondering what would have went wrong??

In today's generation, AI is increasingly becoming more and more sophisticated and as we think it may become one day smarter than humans......want led to Google's best AI scoring poor basic math test?

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According to DeepMind research published online on Tuesday, their algorithms were trained in algebra, calculus, probability, and other types of math topics. But, after testing these algorithms, DeepMind found that they struggled to translate the questions.

DeepMind gave 40 question at different algorithms but couldn’t solve whole of it , ended solving 35% of them. They failed to translate the questions, complete with words, symbols, numbers, and functions, into actual operations for getting the results. Mathematics requires a number of cognitive skills we humans have and it is required that machines are trained to make sense of a problem, with all the numbers, variables, arithmetic operators, and words, but also to plan an operation and apply the knowledge of rules, transformations, and processes to get the result.

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Futurism has explained that AI struggled in translating a question as it appears on a test - full of words and symbols and functions - into the actual operations needed to solve it.

Artificial intelligence is made to analyse data by scanning for patterns, it is thus doesn't do well in an area that human beings have mastered - how to turn word problems into equations.

DeepMind algorithms can defeat doctors at detecting diseases and create their own images from random data.

by Mamatha Reddy | Tue, Apr 30 - 04:08 PM

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