Uber and Ola Driver will be charged with a huge amount if they cancel a customer’s ride

It is really annoying for us when we book a ride from Ola and Uber and wait for them to come, suddenly in between, we get the message! Ride canceled...

It becomes horrible for the customer to move and check for another ride available, but there is a good news for all of us, indeed!


Denial by cabs of app-based aggregators would be not that easy for the drivers now as they will be charged with Rs 25000 as of now if they canceled the ride once accepted.


We have seen many crime cases also related to online rides, so this is really going to put everything on end. As per the new policy, it's been said that passengers would not be discriminated on the basis of caste, religion, color, and disability, keeping in view all the complaints in mind the authority has released this policy to cope up with the problems which the commuters are facing.

Now it becomes mandatory for the Android and a mobile application of the aggregator to introduce new features. These include enabling the passenger to share their location and cab details with a minimum of two persons through the app. The app also must have a ‘panic button’, which when pressed, will immediately alert the local police. It's really a good step towards the safety which will try to put the crime to an end.

Now the makers of Uber and Ola will have to bring out all the new changes with their team of Android and Web development. Govt rules are becoming stricter and thus creating awareness among the commoners.


The feature will include a crystal clear picture of the driver including the description of the driver and the cab should have a GPS display on a screen not smaller than six inches that will show real-time location of the vehicle. The policy also recommends that the app should have features like a firewall to protect personal data of passengers. This development in the favor of passenger is really commendable.

This positive step of  Govt is admirable and is a good security check from the passenger's point of view.

by Shifa Naz | Sun, Sep 30 - 02:38 PM

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