From Being A Gardener To Own A Honda Civic, Rambhau’s Story Is An Incredible One

You must have read many stories on how people turn from rags to riches. But, how they make it possible, their struggle to make it possible to make the difference is not known. Sometimes such stories become an inspiration to others. Today, we will tell you about the story of Rambhau.

Rambhau's introduction by his employer, "He came in a Honda Civic, got down and got to work with the workers. He was digging the soil, uprooting trees and planting new ones. He was standing there and getting things done."

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However, he was just an ordinary man who was in search of a job that Ninad Vengurlekar provided him. He was given the work of a gardener. But, it was Rambhau who knew how to transform this job into a perfect one and now he owns a Honda Civic, not many can afford.

Still, even having a Honda Civic, he continues working as a gardener. Pune's residential Vengurlekar writes how he met Rambhau as a gardener and how he has reached the pinnacle of his career today. Today, 15 employees are working under him.

He writes, “Rambhau must be in his early 50s. He was a contract work until the late 40s. Obviously, entrepreneurship existed within him, but he was locked in an ecosystem that did not give him opportunities of high returns for his hard work. When he got the right platform to deliver, he seized the opportunity."

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Read Ninad’s Facebook post to know how Rambhau turned an entrepreneur from a gardener:

2 years ago I had written a post about my gardener Rambhau. FB reminded about the post to me today.

"The man in this pic is Rambhau. He manages and maintains my house garden.

4 years back he was tilling the soil on the side of a road inside my complex when a site engineer asked him if he would like to build my house garden. He hurriedly came running to me and agreed to whatever I wanted him to do and for whatever I was willing to pay. He almost did my garden for free.

He then used my garden as a show sample of his work to other houses in the complex. Within 2 years he was managing 20 house gardens. By then he had bought a motorbike. He also employed 3-4 helpers who used to visit our houses for daily maintenance. His wife was one of them.

A year later, he informed me that he has started a tempo delivery service with his son. He also won a contract to build a garden for the bungalow that the builder was building for himself in the complex. It was over 1/2 acre land. He took me there and showed me the work he was doing. I was happy.

Soon, the builder of the complex offered him the contract to maintain the trees and gardens in the entire complex. I was told that he now has 2-3 delivery vehicles and over 15 people under him.

Today he came to remodel some trees in my garden. He came in a Honda Civic, got down and got to work with the workers. He was digging the soil, uprooting trees and planting new ones. He was standing there and getting things done. Here are the pictures...."

Rambhau has surely given us some good life lessons!

by Vijay Singh | Sat, Aug 04 - 12:21 PM

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