From Bali incident learn the accessories that you can and cannot lift from hotel room

A video of Indian family looting things from a hotel in Bali went viral on social media.  The Indian family was caught looting hotel accessories that were provided to them during their stay.  The video of the incident has gone viral for the embarrassment the video has caused.  In the video, we can see group of Indian tourists looting accessories from a hotel room.

In the 2.20 minute clip, a man seems to be the staff of the Bali hotel was seen checking the luggage of the Indian family while they were about to vacate the hotel.  At first, the Indian family was seen arguing with the hotel staff, but the man didn’t stop and opened all the bags just to find the lost belongings of the hotel.

The accessories included towels, electronics, decorative pieces and other stuff.   One of the women is seen telling the man, "We are really very sorry. This is a family tour. We will pay you. Please let us go because we have to catch our flight.”

Neitizens call the incident embarrassing for the country

Other security officials are also seen frisking their baggage in the video. "I will pay," one of the family members exclaimed but the man from the hotel refused to take money: "I know you have a lot of money but this is no respect."

User named Hemanth posted the video on the internet.  He captioned the video saying, "Such an embarrassment for India. Each of us carrying an #IndianPassport must remember that we are ambassadors of the nation and behave accordingly. India must start cancelling passports of people who erode our credibility."

Citing this issue, earlier today, industrialist Harsh Goenka posted a notice issued by Hotel Arc-en-ciel in Gstaad, Switzerland that included a list of rules only for Indian guests. While he slammed the hotel, Harsh Goenka also asked tourists to maintain a code of conduct during their trips.

Neitizens are literally throwing out their temper on the Indian family over the incident.  We wish this never repeats again as at the end of the day it would defame our country.

by Neetu Panwar | Tue, Jul 30 - 02:02 PM

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