Fried Water Becomes The Latest Food To Go Viral On The Internet; Garners Hilarious Reactions

The internet is full of weird food trends that go viral overnight. These viral trends include grape pizza, strawberry on pizza, and other not-so-drool-worthy food dishes. The bizarre combination of food at times turns out to be delicious, other times leave one not wanting to try it ever again. YouTube is full of netizens trying out these food combinations and have recorded their reactions online.

The latest bizarre food trend taking the internet by storm is ‘Fried Water’. It is clearly one of the weirdest food trends and has made netizens curious about the same. However, if one thinks that it is just a fancy name for boiled water, then they have got it all wrong because it is rather complicated.

It will be interesting to know that this trend first garnered attention back in the year 2016, but disappeared soon. Now, it has once again gained momentum and it is all because of YouTuber and chemical engineer James Orgill.

He runs a YouTube channel named Action Lab where he tried to deep-frying water in December 2020. In fact, he got it right in the first go itself but warned that it is potentially dangerous to try it out at home. It is because oil and water having different densities don’t mix together, and it needs a small leak to lead to a dangerous splash.

Despite the danger around conducting the experiment, the YouTuber went ahead and did it anyway. He recorded a video of himself while doing so and has posted it on his YouTube channel. The clip has gone viral and has garnered over 901,462 views and counting.

The video has around 39 thousand likes and more than 4 thousand hilarious reactions from the viewers.

To make this bizarre dish, James makes use of calcium alginate which is a gelatin-like chemical compound made from aqueous calcium chloride and sodium alginate. These substances help in making the water edible liquid membrane, within which the water is filled and deep-fried.

Well, no one knows how long is it before the now-viral trend becomes a part of history. But as of now, the netizens are enjoying this deep-fried water thing.

by siddhi ajgoankar | Sat, Apr 03 - 03:20 PM

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