10 dishes to eat when you are in world’s culinary capital- Amritsar

Amritsar is the heart of state Punjab and is home to the well known, most renowned holy place, The Golden Temple. It welcomes hoards of travelers crosswise the globe on a daily basis. This holy place has a number of things, places and other fun filled activities to offer to its visitors. And most importantly, the divine place has the best cuisines and home to a number of foods that are really delectable and hard to find anywhere in the world.  It is also called the culinary capital of the country. In this article, we will create a list of some most popular foods that you must try when you are in the city.

1- Punjabi Puri –

You must eat Punjabi puri when you visit the place. You can find many places which offer this yummy platter. You will be in love with it for sure.

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2- Chocolate Barfi –

It is the speciality of this place. You must eat this yummy sweet whenever you visit this place.

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3- Lachha Paranta & Dal makhni

There are a number of places that offer up laccha paranta & dal makhni. But Brothers Dhaba, and Kesar Da Dhaba are some places that provide you the real taste of Amritsar.

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4- Nutri Kulcha –

This is really sumptuous and yummy. You can get it all over the city. It is must try thing when you are in the city.

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5- Gur ka halwa –

You don’t want to miss this delectable thing. You will be in love when you taste this special food.

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6- Kesar Lassi at Ahuja –

Ahuja is a famous place in the city. You will get the best lassi here. So don’t miss your chance to taste the blissful lassi.

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7- Eat curd with sugar and salt –

You will find huge rush at the place offering curd with sugar and salt. You will feel refreshed after having it.

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8- Chai at Gianni –

You will surely love this cup of tea and remember it forever.

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9- Tawa mutton tikka at Surjit Plaza –

No other taste matches the taste of tawa mutton tikka available here.

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So, when are you heading to Amritsar?

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jun 11 - 05:50 PM

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