Fitness goals! Gorgeous Malaika Arora posts a picture doing side planks

We all know that side plank is one of the most taxing workouts. It helps tone our obliques, shoulders and legs, it moves every muscle from heel to hip. And not only this, it also helps in strengthening the lower back’s deep muscles. Side plank exercise is also known as Vashishthasana.  

The gorgeous actress Malaika Arora is known to be one of the fittest actress in Bollywood. On Instagram, she showed her love for the side plank by posting a photo of herself performing the workout.

Malaika while posting the picture captioned it as – ‘‘I love planks’ said no one ever! The side plank is one of the most gruelling 30 seconds of the plank family’.

Malaika also noted the benefits of side plank. Let’s have a look -

  1. It gives strength to forearms, shoulders, wrists and spine.

    2. It helps in increasing the flexibility of the wrists.

    3. It also helps in opening the hips and hamstrings.

    4. It tones the abdominal muscles.

    5. It helps improving balance, focus and concentration.

Malaika, while talking about the same, said that when she feels extremely energetic, she performs the exercise. She also wrote that on days when she feels exceptionally powerful, she loves to channelise it through her body and just let it emanate into the universe.

There is a piece of advice for the beginners. At first before progressing to the side plank, they must build the strength and balance needed with warm-ups for the obliques and modified side planks. The side plank exercise can be a part of core exercise routine or Pilates or even yoga regimen.

by Lokendra Sharma | Wed, Sep 11 - 12:22 PM

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