Didn’t find Vaccination slot yet? You are not alone, take a look at these memes by netizens who share your frustration

The phase 3 of Covid-19 vaccination began on May 1 for the age group of 18 to 45. However, the shortage of vaccines has been a major hurdle in the inoculation process. The entirely digitalized system of getting a slot has added to the misery. On the very first day of the registration day, the CoWin website crashed due to the overwhelming demand by the youths and middle-age. From registering, getting OTP to actually booking a slot, it is a long process which not many managed to succeed.

Even after spending days of waiting on the app, the slot failed to be near. This has led to the frustration and anger of many. While some cribbed about it, the creative netizens didn't miss the opportunity to start a meme-fest out of the misery.

If you haven't received your vaccine yet, check these memes out. It will surely lighten your mood and enhance your health. After all, laughter is considered the best medicine.


Let's just hope that everyone get the vaccine soon at least before the 18+ turn 45+. If you are still here, request you to go back to the CoWin app to book your slots as soon as possible.


Image credits: Twitter, Insider. (Images are for representational purpose only)

by Tapasya Iyer | Sat, May 15 - 06:48 PM

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