Filmmaker Vijayeta Kumar Meets Female Auto Driver At Night And Is Happy To See Women Becoming Brave

Women are a symbol of Shakti, meaning strength. A woman is an integral part of any society. Without woman, life is not possible for anyone. Women are responsible for making a house, home. A woman is a daughter, sister, wife and a mother.

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In earlier times, in our country, women were treated as an object. They were considered weak in comparison to man's strength. People worshipped Maa Durga but treated their own daughter and wife in exactly opposite manner.

With time and increase in literacy, the things are changing in our society. Women are getting educated and are no longer considered inferior to man. The crimes against women are also increasing but women are fighting all the odds and winning at everything they do.

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Recently, when a filmmaker Vijayeta Kumar was returning home in a cab, but then that broke down and came across a woman auto driver. After she got on board, Kumar chatted with the lady driver who made her feel safe.

Kumar shared this photo on Twitter and wrote, "My cab broke down near Powai, past midnight. Stopped an auto and was wonderfully surprised to see a woman driver. She dropped me home, we chatted and it felt so good to live in a city where women do feel safe enough to be out at all hours. Really hope it stays that way!"

The netizens were very happy to see that and appreciated the brave auto driver.

Women have truly become more powerful and superior to man. They are excelling in entertainment, sports, defence and any field you can name.

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