FIFA World Cup 2018 : France Beat Croatia To Become The World Champions

FIFA Worldcup is one the most watched sports in the world. The popularity of this game is so high that even in a cricket-loving country like India, the excitement of FIFA matches is always at its peaks. The FIFA Worldcup 2018 started with high hopes from players like Messi and Ronaldo by their fans. These superstars failed to make to the final and now we had our two finalists, France and Croatia.

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The final was held today at the Luzhniki Stadium in Russia. The fans all over the world were on the edge of their seats as the two talented teams France and Croatia played the FIFA World Cup Final match. Well, we have our winners, it is France. As France won by against Croatia, the fans all over the world celebrated and we can only imagine the level of celebration in Russia and France.

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Coming to the stats, France scored 4 goals and Croatia scored 2 goals. In France, M.Mandzukic scored at 18', A.Griezmann scored at 38', P.Pogba scored at 59' and K.Mbappe scored at 65'. In Croatia, I.Perisic scored at 28' and M.Mandzukic scored at 69'.

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France has won the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the exciting FIFA 2018 ends here, but the celebrations all over the world have just begun. We wish a hearty congratulations to the winning team and wish good luck to the runners-up for the next time.

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