Fearing ‘Curse’, No Female Delivers A Baby Within This MP Village From Last 400 Years

As per shocking reports, a rural community in the state of Madhya Pradesh does not permit a pregnant female to give birth to their babies inside the village peripheries.

Yes, this is true and there is a tale behind and the residents hold the same even today.

The local residents of the rural community are of the faith that their community has been "cursed" and no female has delivered a baby for about 400 years now.

The occupants of Sanka Shyam Ji rural community located in Rajgarh region thought that if a female makes attempts to have children within the village, the kid will either be deformed or the mom or the kid will pass away.

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A pregnant female has to go out of the village to deliver a baby if she wants a healthy delivery and for her happiness in addition.

Mr. Narendra Gurjar, the village’s sarpanch, stated, "90 percent of the deliveries take place in hospitals, and in case of an emergency, deliveries take place just outside the village."

Mr. Narendra Gurjar also added, "It is believed that the construction of a temple was disrupted by a woman and hence the curse was set upon this village."

The seniors of this rural community claim that near 16th century when a place of worship was being built, a female was crushing wheat. This diverted the building work, and out of irritation, the deities cursed the village stating that no female would be capable of delivering a baby within the village.

Since that time, the villagers believed that it is under plight and even at the moment, females do not deliver babies in the village.

But, locals claim that whenever an accidental delivery has happened inside the village, the kid is either born malformed or expires shortly after.

The villagers have set up a room right outside the village, where women can give birth to children in case of emergencies.

by Vijay Singh | Sat, May 12 - 01:35 PM

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