Father’s Mimicry Makes Toddler Giggle; Enjoy Viral Video

An adorable video of father and daughter has gone viral all over the internet. It touches the hearts of the netizens. People’s awe brings 2 million views to the adorable video recording.


In the said video, a father is reading and then mimicking the voice of Micky Mouse and Goofy. And the baby girl is giggling with joy and happiness. It is like the chirping of the birds. The baby’s happy face can reach up to the deep of your heart and mind. Yes, this is right that the baby is not getting the actual sense of her father’s message. But the style of the father was so nice and adorable that it makes the baby happy.


The duration of this video clip is just 27 seconds. Despite the fact that the video is not so long, the cute small video has won hearts of the web users. It has been shared on Twitter handle named ‘@GoodNewsCorros1.’ The said video recording has been rolled out together with a caption that can be read as, “This adorable baby is really impressed with daddy’s awesome voices during storytime.”


After this video came to light through social media platforms, it has prompted several comments and reactions from the netizens. People are enjoying this pamper.

One Twitter user wrote, “This is incredibly cute!! Baby is more interested in Daddy than the book (as it should be)” another user tweeted, “A wonderful illustration of the fact that it’s never too soon to begin reading to your child”

In his tweet, a user wrote, “I love this so much!” Another user wrote, “**Love** it! Using a silly voice is like telling a joke to your baby... a joke that the baby ‘gets”… and thus this video gets the attention of netizens.”

by Ricky Tandon | Sun, Feb 07 - 12:37 PM

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