Facebook Introduces A New Feature, Your Time On The App May Soon Be Monitored

Facebook is one of the most used apps across the globe. It is a popular social networking site which is widely used for interacting with our friends and loved one and sharing some good memories with one and all. Business personalities use it for business purpose and increase their popularity and thereby increasing their clients. Celebs use it to share their whereabouts and stay connected with their fans.

Seeing how users are effectively using this app on the daily basis, Facebook has introduced a lot of new features to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

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And now, it’s been reported that Facebook has introduced a new feature, tentatively titled 'Your Time On Facebook'. Though this feature, we will get to know how much of time we spend on the site each day in a week. Along with that the average time spent on the site per day will also be known.

TechCrunch reported late on Friday that this new feature would also offer users the option to set a daily time limit as well as a link to manage their Facebook notifications.

A Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying by TechCrunch, "We're always working on new ways to help make sure people's time on Facebook is time well spent."

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Before Facebook, popular companies like Apple and Google have rolled out features to keep a tab on the time people spent on their computers and smartphones.

The reports further added, "This self-policing could be important since both iOS and Android are launching their own screen time monitoring dashboards that reveal which apps are dominating your attention and can alert you or lock you out of apps when you hit your time limit."

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As per the reports, Facebook claimed that the feature is in development, although it would not say when or even if it would be launching for all users.

So all the regular Facebook users, be ready for this feature to roll out soon!

by Vijay Singh | Sat, Jun 23 - 04:14 PM

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