Eye-Opening Experiment By A Police Commissioner Will Make You Follow Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are made for the safety of the citizens and often it is seen that many of us break these rules and risk our lives just so you can reach 3-4 minutes early. Just so you know, this difference can cost you your own life and also of other people.

Even Mumbai Police has set illustrious examples in terms of using the Twitter platform to not only spread social messages but also do their job of catching criminals.

Now near Pune, the Police department has come up with a new experiment telling the time difference of reaching a place with or without breaking traffic rules and the result will shock. Hope with this incident, our so-called fast driver will get a little lesson.

Deputy commissioner of police (traffic) Tejaswi Satpute took to her twitter official and sharing the picture she wrote, "Dear all, Did a small experiment today. Sent 2 bikers on 2 same company bikes from katraj to s.nagar(10km), one was told to do whatever and reach at the earliest n other was asked to religiously follow traffic rules. Travel time difference was 4minutes. IS IT WORTH RISKING LIFE FOR 4 MINS???"

Here's her tweet:

On second of September, Tejaswi also shared a note of using the helmet and in a right way as most people put the helmet but don't tighten the straps. She said, "Please use helmet and use it in right way. We lost one precious life on saswad road on 31/8/18, Ms. Sudeshna Mujumdar, 25(Teacher). Her helmet straps were not tightened, as she fell down helmet rolled away....body intact, two wheeler intact, helmet too was intact BUT NOT THE HEAD."

Safety is in your hands only. Please, follow the traffic rules.

While talking about Mumbai Police, it is setting a great example as they not only ensuring the law and order but also they are solving many cases that are registered through the Twitter post. Many celebrities also complaint on the Twitter and tagged Mumbai Police and after that, they start the further proceedings.

by Soniya Kaur | Wed, Sep 05 - 03:33 PM

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