‘Every day is a struggle, every day is a process to get there and I will get there’ Says Nia Sharma

Recently, Asia's sexiest woman Nia Sharma met media people and made some frank revelations about her style, projects, shows, serials, favourite actors and stylists.

When questioned that you are turning fashionable bit by bit, her reaction was, “I don't fall in the category where I can say I look good. But when I entered into the industry, I was always clear that I will groom myself everyday. But I still want to look much better than what I do today. So everyday is a struggle, everyday is a process to get there--- but I will get there.”

Her most favourite Bollywood diva is Sonam Kapoor especially when it comes to styling.

She added that Sonam's airport look, her dresses and experiment with diverse looks showcases her personality.

She added that Malaika Arora is also the most stylish diva.

When asked a question about her style icon, she said Dua Lipa is her most favourite at this time.

She said that she is a big fan of VH1 styling and she follows them on Instagram on a regular basis.

She added up that VH1 music video pop sensations also motivate her a lot.

“But that doesn't mean I will dress up like them as I don't have that kind of personality. But we can definitely get little cues from them on how we can improve our styling,” she added.

When questioned how it does feel after defeating biggies like Alia Bhat, Katz, Sonam Kapoor in the most coveted Asia's Sexiest Women list?

She answered each year, you will witness a new list and there is some survey on a daily basis. And she also said that she has always been on this list as the list always showcased her in top 5.

“I think this list has always been important to my fans as they always contributed hugely in numbers. So maybe that's why I have always found a place there (pauses). But I am not getting carried away,” she also said.

When media people asked the lady about her plans to make an entry in the film world, she said “I don't want to talk about plans, they are just plans. But I can share with you that I want to perform.”

She added that at the moment, she is interested in doing a healthy lead character, which will have something new for me as well as her viewers.

She also said that she will showcase her talent via her work, in place of just being criticized for lip colours that are very lame.

When asked whether you are interested in a daily soap again, she answered if she will be offered a vital character to play, she will surely work.

by Vijay Singh | Wed, Jun 20 - 12:50 PM

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