Erica Fernandes says, I share a beautiful bond of friendship and we are always there for each other

Recently, the Kasautii Zindagii Kay actor (Parth) lost his dad in an ill-fated development but had to come back to sets owing to work promises.

But, with Maharashtra Day being a public holiday, the show’s cast members will be having a day off where the actor will reportedly visit his family members at his significant time.

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As per reports, Erica wished to go with Parth in this time of sorrow however he said no as he wishes to stay alone.

But, the media people reached out to the actress to be acquainted with her response to the report.

In her special report to media people, the actress stated, “With all due respect Parth and I share a beautiful bond of friendship and we are always there for each other when required. He knows that best so I don’t have to clarify anything to anyone.. and I completely understand that online media run stories on the basis of either directly speaking to the artist, which in this case, they didn’t before putting this out or they get to know stuff by their sources.. so I don’t blame them.. But honestly, I pity their sources and their little delusional birdies that give them such information, have a heart for god’s sake. Parth is going through a tough time so pls stop dragging him in baseless nonsense like this.”

The actress’s eruption is quite clear as there is fresh news regarding them on a daily basis.

"People believe what they want to believe. We are good friends but we are not dating. I can't stop them nor can I explain things to everyone. From day one, we got along well. And link-ups are a common occurrence in shows with romantic storylines. It doesn't bother me as I know the truth and I can't stop them," she told media in the past.

A source from the show’s sets told that the two are always together on the sets.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay, in the meantime, is viewing some major twists and the buffs are eagerly waiting for the same.

by Neetu Panwar | Wed, May 01 - 12:36 PM

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