Inspirational story of an engineer about losing 32 kgs of weight without going to gym

These days obesity and weight gain are very common. People struggle to lose their weight and are often bullied and face body shaming due to their physic. An engineer is becoming an inspiration for those who fear to lose their weight and think they can never become fit from fat. It is also a trend that in order to lose weight one must join a fitness center or gym. But this guy has lost around 32 kgs of weight without going to the gym.

Pundrike Bharadwaj has done Masters in Civil Engineering. He weighed 103 Kgs in 2015 and lost around 32 kgs. Currently, his weight is 71 Kgs. His transformation is commendable. From a fat guy, he has transformed into a handsome man with height 5 feet 10 inches.

His secret of this transformation lies in exercising and following a proper nutritional diet. His fitness regimen included exercising on his own. He majorly focused on doing crunches, push-ups, rope skipping and squats. He also says running is the most effective and efficient exercise for losing weight. If done properly it can lose up-to 16 cals per minute.

Talking about his diet, Pundrike ate calcium and protein-rich foods. He also ate fruits on first day and vegetables on the second and third day was a mix of both vegetables and fruits. This cycle was repeated every three days continuously except for Sundays where he was allowed to eat other food items. For people struggling with weight loss, he advised that it depends 10% on exercising and 90% on diet.

Pundrike like other obese people faced body shaming many times and used to avoid going to parties but his transformation has helped him a lot. He also says one needs to be consistent and have faith in themselves. Once your weights start losing your confidence also increases. For those who still are worrying about their weight Pundrike's transformation is an inspiration.

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