Eid is all about celebrating what we’ve achieved during the month of Ramadan – Gauahar Khan, TV stars say something about Eid

Eid is here  after month-long festivities, and our TV and Bollywood celebrities are all set to get decked up in their best attires and celebrate the day with much pomp and noise. Here’s some of the them talking about how Eid celebrations have changed over the years ever since they became actors and what’s the special thing planned this year.

Gauahar Khan

Eid is all about celebrating what we’ve achieved during the month of Ramadan with the absence of all bad things and trying to show your resilience through rozas (fasting) — doing the right, speaking the right, thinking the right. It has always been a pious feeling and a sense of achievement. We celebrate with close friends and family at home, have amazing food, wear new clothes and make new wishes and determination. It has always been like this every year. This time, I could only keep 20 rozas since I was travelling back to back. But I’ll be back home in Mumbai for the celebration. There will be lunch and dinner with a bunch of friends and with my mom, sister and my five-months-old Persian cat, Snow, who is the new addition in the family.

Sara Khan

I wait for Eid throughout the year. The occasion brings our near and dear ones under one roof and that makes things all the more special. Earlier in Bhopal, Eid would be mostly spent with my family and friends. But now, after being a part of the industry, it gets a bit difficult to visit my home town every year. Also, I need time in hand if I’m going there because not just my family, but my relatives also expect me to spend time with them and I don’t want to disappoint anyone. This year, since I’m busy in Mumbai, I’ve requested my parents to come over, so we can celebrate Eid together.

Sana Saeed

Eid has and will always be about family and food. I have very fond memories of celebrating the festival. One thing I always looked forward to is Sheer kurma... I love it. The celebrations have changed over the years owing to my work commitments. This year I’m in Los Angeles and working. I’m not home for Eid. I’m really not sure what I’m going to do but I’ll obviously Skype and FaceTime my family and be with them virtually.

Eijaz Khan

Eid is all about family. My father never imposed Islam on us, he educated us about it. Our Ustaad ji taught us Quran Sharif, we imbibed it in the right sense. All my brothers are married to Brahmins. We celebrate all religions with equal gusto. Eid is an excuse for the family to meet up, spend time together, catch up and make fun of each other. I make it a point to take out time from work to celebrate the day. If I’m working, I understand the producer’s perspective. I have to work, my family understands, taane bhi maarte hain, unka right hai (laughs)! The difference is now I realise that I need to give time to my family. Time is passing by very quickly, I am scared of losing some people.

Adaa Khan

Eid was always about family and friends. Mom used to make delicacies like sheer kurma and sevaiya. I have many memories of Eid with my late mom. But ever since she passed away, the festival isn’t the same. However, I still celebrate the day with my family and friends, as they always come home. I cook sheer kurma just like mom used to, as she

by Lokendra Sharma | Thu, Jun 06 - 11:28 AM

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