A total of four eclipses in 2021, two of them will be visible in India

We have seen the year 2020 turn out to be the year filled with unexpected turns of events and this has left us all a little skeptical of what might happen in 2021. While we will enter the year knowing nothing much, here's some information that might make the upcoming year a little less uncertain to you.

On Sunday, an Ujjain-based Jiwaji Observatory's Superintendent Dr Rajendraprakash Gupt said that there will be four eclipses in 2021, including one total solar eclipse and one total lunar eclipse, but only two will be visible from India.

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In a conversation with a news portal, he said that the first of these events will be on May 26, and will be seen in parts of West Bengal, coastal Odisha and in the north-eastern states, except Sikkim, as the moon is visible earlier in these places than other parts of the country.

He further said that the earth will cover the moon by 101.6 per cent during this astronomical event. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the earth comes between the sun and the moon.

Dr Gupt said the annular solar eclipse on June 10 will not be visible in India, and in this event, the moon will come between the sun and earth, leading to the sun getting covered 94.3 per cent and being seen as a ring of fire.

According to him there will be a partial lunar eclipse, on November 19, which can be seen from Arunachal Pradesh and some parts of Assam for a very short period.

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He also said that at the peak of this event, 97.9 per cent of the moon will be seen covered by the earth's shadow. And the total solar eclipse on December 4, the last of 2021, will, however, not be visible from India.

by Vidhutma Singhania | Tue, Dec 29 - 11:24 AM

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