Drinking tea is good for your brain – Study

Every part of the brain of people who drink tea regularly is better organized than those who do not drink tea and it has been revealed in a study. The systematic functioning of each part of the brain is associated with healthy cognitive function and in order to reach these results, neuro imaging data of 36 aged people got explored in the study.

Feng Lei, assistant professor and team leader at the National University of Singapore (NUS), said that their results confirmed for the first time about contribution made by drinking tea on the brain structure and show that drinking tea on a regular basis in the brain stem and also prevents the fall due to age.


Researchers said that earlier studies have shown that drinking tea is beneficial for human health and its positive effects include improving mood and preventing heart and nerve disease. The study was conducted on 36 elderly people aged 60 years and above between 2015 and 2018 in which data on their health, lifestyle and psychological health were collected.


Assessments of participants' cognitive performance and results from imaging showed that those who drink Green Tea, Uluong Tea or Black Tea at least four times a week for almost 25 years share their brain parts more efficiently than each other.

The study is published in the journal "Aging".

Anyhow this is good news for all the tea drinkers as they will feel happy about such great benefits of drinking tea. Earlier, there were certain studies that drinking tea is an addiction that one needs to get rid of it a soon as possible, and this really had disappointed the tea lovers from across the world. But, this new study will help in increase the confidence of tea lovers and they have now got the awareness that drinking tea is good for the brain.

by Ricky Tandon | Mon, Sep 16 - 02:31 PM

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