Drama queen Rakhi Sawant get into a new drama with pakistani flag

Bollywood's busybody Rakhi Sawant, on Wednesday, picked up eyeballs as photographs of her holding the Pakistani national banner became famous online on the Internet. In the photos, the entertainer can be seen presenting by the side of a water stream, wearing a quill skirt with thigh-high cut with strap neck and low profile pullover. At first, her snaps left the netizens baffled. Nonetheless, when they read Rakhi's subtitle for them, they understood that it was from a film shoot. "I cherish my India yet it's my character in the film Dhara 370," read her subtitle.

She expounded the equivalent in a video later, wherein she revealed to her fans and adherents, "Hello there companions, it's a Pakistani setup. The film's name is Dhara 370, which depends on Kashmiri intellectuals. I assume the job of a Pakistani young lady in the film. You can look at my ensemble. My character uncovered the fear monger associations that transform little kids into jih**is."

Beneath, heads up:

Rakhi's video turned out poorly well with a Pakistani client Sambrina Khamisa. She kept in touch with her, "From nowhere u characterize our way of life, Pakistan pursues Islam which is so unadulterated and tranquil religion which not enabled ladies to show her own parts, pleased to be Pakistani n love my way of life." Responding to her, the entertainer stated, "And this is film don't eat my Bren if u don't care for me get out from my Instagram."

A normal via web-based networking media, Rakhi continues standing out as truly newsworthy for her jokes.

by Lokendra Sharma | Thu, May 09 - 12:00 PM

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