Do You Know Why Indian Army’s Special Forces Para Commandos Are Also Named As ‘Glass Eaters’?

The Special Forces of the Indian Military grade amongst a few of the most privileged and most feared warriors in the globe. The manner they get groomed emotionally and bodily shovels the limits of human actions and the doorstep of pain forbearance.

They can go through the ruthless wilderness. They can munch almost anything that moves. They are not, in fact, the identical kind of human beings that we are. They are raised to destroy. One such group of brothers who protect us when we are asleep is the Special Forces Para-Commandos, one of the globe’s most privileged covert operations divisions.

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Trained by the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army, the Special Forces Para Commandos are also called Para Commandos to the globe. Those who fear them, name them the ‘Glass Eaters’. All that hellish and evil guidance provides the Parachute Commandos with an edge over normal forces not just bodily but also, emotionally. Furthermore, this glass eating custom is one such custom, which promotes their intellect of absolute courage and dominance.

A blog post, called Tales From The Army, bring forth this infrequently discussed and strange custom.

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The special blog is penned by a retired Ex-Special Forces Para Commando who remembered the time when he was ordered to consume glass and how he went through that situation. Briefly, here’s how the practice goes:

Upon effectively completing the hard-hitting training, warriors are introduced as a Maroon Beret but earlier than they get handed the badge, they need to consume a large peg of rum, crunch into and crush the glass’s edge.

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While it appears humanly unfeasible to consume glass however once crushed enough, it’s broken up into nothing but sand. Whilst the idea of eating glass turns our stomach bleed, these men of steel carry on following this tough-as-nails custom.

by Vijay Singh | Wed, May 16 - 05:37 PM

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