Derek who tried to save a chick with RS 10 in his pocket awarded with PETA India’s ‘Compassionate Kid’ Award

We humans are blessed to have a mind and body parts of our own so that we can do whatever we love, save our life and take life decisions of our own. U like us, animals can’t do so and this is why they sometime put their life in danger. If we meet with an accident, rather us or our beloved family, friends, lover would take care of us but what about the animals, birds and others that get injured by us???? Not many of us help them. Right?? Some people even avoid them even after hurting them.

But, when six-year-old Derek C Lalchhanhima injured a chick as he accidentally ran over it, he immediately went home and urged his parents to help the bird. The boy with RS 10 in his pocket took the bird to hospital and requested a nurse to help the bird. The nurse took a picture of the child.

His picture went viral on social media and the innocent kid became a internet sensation. An artist from Kerala made a portrait of him standing on the globe with the chicken in one hand and money in other. Sunil Pookode on Facebook posted a picture and captioned it “You are great, Derek”. The image of Derek has inspired and touched the hearts of many people.

For his innocence act, the boy has been awarded with PETA India’s 'Compassionate kid' award. The programmeis especially designed to help students between the ages of 8 and 12 years.

In the 23 minute video there is a scene of animals along with cartoons and a text pack.

The child has come a long way from becoming a Internet sensation overnight to being awarded the 'Compassionate Kid' award by PETA India.

I  hope just like Derek, other people also come forward to help the birds and animals. I just hope people get inspired and come out in saving the lives of these innocent beings.

by Mamatha Reddy | Sat, Apr 27 - 11:01 AM

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