Delhi’s kite market is all ready with political satire and social messages kites

On this 15th August, India will be celebrating its 72nd Independence Day and the preparations have begun all over the country. Schools and colleges students started their practices of dance, singing and all other activities going to happen on that day. Tricolors will be seen all over the places.

Among all these, Delhi's kite lovers seem to be the most excited ones who will fly the kites high in the sky, not the normal ones but this time the kites will carry some funny satire from politics with some cartoons kites. Everyone is going to the famous Lal Kuan Market to buy kites.

In the market, you can see piles of kites with different shapes, sizes, and colors and printed messages on them. They are from politics, cartoons, sports, and of your favorite superheroes. You will have a hard time to find kites for yourself, seeing so many colorful ones.

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Let's take a round through the alley and see what they are offering on this 15th August:

The public knows everything- so its Modi versus Rahul:

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Naresh Gupta who is the owner of one of the shops named Sachin Kite Centre at Lalkuan said, "Bollywood stars have taken a backseat and the masses’ flavour is politics. This is ‘Mahasangram Kite’ and the public is buying it with both hands. India is going to have the election next year, the people are more interested in taking the battle between PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi to skies." Naresh is the third generation who is running this business in Lalkuan. Quiet Old!

We all know elections are coming and how PM Modi is everywhere be it social media, news channel, he is one trending man along with Yogi Aditynath. A kite seller Lokesh Kumar said, "People are liking this kite as well with UP CM on it. But Mahasangram has become an instant hit. I have sold more than 50,000 kites this season alone."

It's like a tradition for Delhi 6 resident to fly kites this one week till the Independence Day. A 60-year-old man who has been in this business for last 35 years, Shabeer Ahmad said, "This is one week for business as well as for the passion of kite flying. We prepare throughout the year, just for this one season. You will see people flying kites throughout the week and nobody stops anybody from using their roofs for kite flying because people celebrate India’s freedom."

While Superheroes, Bollywood's trend is a bit off now, social messages on kites are trending. Plus political or sarcasm is what we like the most about the kites. While everyone is waiting for Modi's Ache Din- Kites at Lalkuan are full of such messages which the government use and one of them are "Ache Din AA Gye" and another one is Vikas aka development.

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Modi Ji, we are sure you are going to love these kites flying high in the capital.

If you are also a Delhite, which one you are gonna buy?

by Soniya Kaur | Sat, Aug 11 - 03:39 PM

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