The Dele Alli Challenge now goes up to another level

With the increased use of Internet, social media has become a major part of our lives. From youngsters to senior citizens, people are getting addicted to it. And with this, Internet comes up with some really weird things sometimes. Recently, the Kiki Challenge got viral and we witnessed people from Round the world getting out of their moving cars to shake their legs. Even the celebrities tried it and uploaded their videos to be a part of the trend. However, it was condemned by the police authorities and urged people not to try to since it can risk the lives.

And now, when the craze of Kiki Challenge has slowed down, another challenge is surfacing the Web. Its called the Dele Alli Challenge. It was started after an English footballer was captured with his weird hand gesture. This led the people trying out the same which looks utterly complicated.

Have a look:


People are now actually trying it by twisting their fingers while the rest find it deceptive. And while people are trying this challenge, it is giving birth to several modifications to it making it more difficult.

We wonder if the fingers can actually twist this way.

Some have actually found the trick to do the Dele Alli Challenge.

OK now this is making me go crazy.

I guess you are also trying it by now. And here I am, given up on this challenge already.

Few years back, Ice bucket challenge had gone viral which I recall to be the first viral challenge. (Was there anything before it?)

Let us know if you have tried this new Dele Alli Challenge. Atleast it is not life risking and a fun actually.

by Admin | Thu, Aug 23 - 07:46 PM

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