Deepika Chikhalia Who Played Sita In Ramayan Looks Completely Different Now

The 80s period was well-known for mythological show Ramayan and it was everyone’s favourite. What’s more interesting is that its characters were highly appreciated for the portrayal of their respective roles.

The lead protagonist who played Ram and Sita is one of the most popular actors who rose to fame from this show. Arun Govil who played Ram and Deepika Chikhalia who played Sita became Gods for the viewers.

The show was shot aesthetically and was successful in creating unmatched records, including being viewed by over 650 million people across the world. Whoa, now that’s a record!

Well, many of the stars of the show have completely vanished from the glamour world and we rarely get to see one or two stars from the show.

Deepika who is still remembered as Sita of this show Ramayan recently met actress Debina Bonnerjee, who also played Sita in the new adaptation at a recent event in Mumbai.

The bong beauty was very excited to meet Deepika and took to Instagram to share a pic where we saw Deepika after ages.

Debina captioned the pic and wrote, “When Sita meets Sita. How I savoured this moment of meeting you. My first work Ramayana was on the foundation of seeing your DVDs, understanding, forming knowledge. Legend. Lots of love.”

Debina’s post got a huge response from the fans as they were delighted to see both the Sita's sharing the frame.

As for Deepika, she has aged but still looks very beautiful like her earlier days.

Deepika has done Tamil and Hindi films but she got worldwide recognition for her role as Sita in Ramayan.

Ramayan was produced by Subhash Sagar, Ramanand Sagar, and Prem Sagar. The popular show was directed by Ramanand, Anand Sagar and Moti Sagar. Since Valmiki's holy text of Ramayan revolves around a story that explains how good always prevails over evil, it has had several adaptations ever since it was first televised on August 28, 1989.

So folks, what do you have to say about Deepika aka Sita? Tell us in comments.

by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jul 31 - 12:47 PM

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