Cute Love Story Of Lovebirds Proves That Everyone Has A Soulmate Out There

Many among us must have faced major heartbreaks and for a while, we just think that everything is over and we are not going to find anyone in our life again. But it is not true, God has definitely made someone for all of us and we do find it someday. What we got to do is wait for the right time.

So, here's a beautiful love story of lovebirds which has taken the internet by storm and also given all of us a hope that someone is definitely made for us somewhere, we just need to wait.

Maura is a pet owner and has a beautiful and colorful male lovebird whom she named Kiwi. Everything was going well, but one day Maura realized that Kiwi is missing something in his life and that is a companion. She thought it was the right time for Kiwi to get a perfect soul mate and settle down.

The lady began introducing Kiwi to some lady lovebirds to see if they’d be compatible. For those who are uninitiated, lovebirds can be aggressive toward each other if they’re not feeling it, so this process took a while.

The male bird Kiwi had wounded up meeting the female one and they’ve since found their happily ever after.

He was happy with his single status and used to spend all the time with Maura.

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But one day, Kiwi decided to ditch his bachelorhood and wanted to have a companion.

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Maura noticed this and began hunting for a female bird for Kiwi.

Maura got a cute female peach-faced lovebird for Kiwi. She introduced the female bird to Kiwi.

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She introduced the duo to the world with these pictures.

She further said that initially, the duo never got along. The peach-faced girlfriend became an ex-girlfriend.

However, Maura was left with no choice but to rehome the peach-faced bird to someone else.

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After a little heartbreak, Kiwi was again introduced by another female bird by Maura whose name was Siouxsie.

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Initially, they were not at all compatible.

Maura stated to a leading news portal, “They are polar opposites. Kiwi is a super friendly fun-loving boy, and Siouxsie is very shy and all business. She didn’t like Kiwi at all at first and would bite if he got near her. However, he won her over quickly.”

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Kiwi soon got along with her and was feeding his girlfriend seed puree. This proves that he was courting her. It wasn’t long after that when the two souls decided to take their relationship to the next level. Aww...!!

Maura tweeted, "They spent the night together in Kiwi's coconut! U know what that means."

She further shared the good news and tweeted, "Siouxsie is expected to lay her eggs in the next week."

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After a few weeks, Siouxsie and Kiwi welcomed four fuzzy lovebird chicks.

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Siouxsie and Kiwi are beautifully embracing their parenting duties.

Their babies grew up to look just like them, half-goth, half-rainbow.

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Talking about the chicks, Maura said, "They are all so beautiful & unique."

“They’re so sweet, just want to cuddle all day long.”

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Maura told a leading news portal that the babies will stay with her until they’re weaned and fully feathered.

“They’re all doing great and are so sweet and loving,” she dished. “It’s definitely going to be difficult to let them go!”

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These two cuties give us hope that everyone has a soulmate out there somewhere.

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So folks, what do you have to say about thus beautiful love story? Tell us in comments.

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