Cricketer Rohit Sharma’s puppy is quite protective towards his daughter Samaira; The video shows it all

Dogs are most loved pets in the world.  They are named for their loyalty towards their owners.  They shower unconditional love and are very protective in nature.  There are many dog videos available on the internet that showcases how loyal and lovable dogs are.  The latest dog video to go viral on the internet is posted by none other than cricketer Rohit Sharma’s wife.  Yes!  Ritika Sajdeh, Rohit’s wife took to her social media account to share a video of her pet dog doing some adorable things.

The video showcases dog guarding Rohit’s daughter Samaira.  The pooch did an adorable job by guarding the napping baby on bed.  The pooch tried its best to keep the baby warm by guarding her with a shawl.  Rohit’s wife shot the video and posted it on her social account for her fans and followers to view.  The pooch seemed quite protective as it tries to wrap a blanket around the napping baby just to keep it warm.

Rohit Sharma’s wife posts video of their pooch being protective over her daughter

Samaira is the daughter of Indian Cricket International captain Rohit Sharma.  The cricketer’s pet dog is pretty adorable and the thing it did for Rohit’s daughter is much more than adorable.  The family dog guarded the sleeping baby quite well by wrapping it in a shawl to keep it warm.

In the video, the baby was seen sleeping on a bed covered in a blanket.  The 23-second long video clip shows a brown and white patched dog trying to wrap a blanket around the napping baby.  The months old baby is sleeping on top of a blanket on a bed.  The puppy was seen trying to fold the edges of the blanket towards the baby to cover it around the body of the baby.

No matter how many times the dog tries to cover the blanket over the baby, it fails to do so as the blanket falls down.  However, the determined dog does not give up and uses all its strength to lift the blanket and fold it all around.

Rohit Sharma plays for India and is the vice captain of one-day international team.

by Neetu Panwar | Fri, Apr 12 - 03:52 PM

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