Let as tell you about the Cricket Records Were Achieved by women before Men

When we talk about setting legendary records, obviously the names like Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara or Kapil Dev comes to our mind. Well, these cricketers have really done well and that is the reason they have been put forever in the cricketing hall of fame but they are not the only ones.

There are some women cricketers as well who have earned their spot there too. In fact, some of them have beat the men to it and have set the records much before the men caught up to them.

Mithali raj is the only Indian Cricketer to score 7 consecutive 50s in an ODI

No Indian cricketer has ever done what Mithali Raj has done on the field. During the Women’s Cricket World Cup matches in 2017,She has set a new record by smashing seven consecutive ODI half centuries. No other Indian cricketer, including male and female, has achieved this before.

Belinda Clark was the First Cricketer to score a Double Century

Sachin Tendulkar made headlines for smashing a double century in an ODI against South Africa, in Gwalior,to your surprise he was not the first one to do so. 12 years ago, Belinda Clark, the Australian captain, became the first ever cricketer to smash a double century in the Wome’s Cricket World Cup. She scored 229 from 155 balls against Denmark on 16th December 1997

New Zealand’s Women’s Team was the First to cross 400 runs in an ODI

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Over the years, it has only happened a few times that a team has achieved the score of 400 runs but the first one to do so was New Zealand’s Women’s team. In 1997, they scored 455 for 5 against Pakistan. And not only this, in 2018, they broke their own record and scored 490 against Ireland. Including both, men’s  and women’s match, this is the highest ever cricket score in an ODI.

Australian Women’s Team has won the Most Number of World Cups

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The Australian men’s cricket team is popular for their maximum wins at the Cricket World Cup. They have made it to the World Cup 5 times. But to your surprise, Australian Women’s Cricket team has outdone them by winning 6 Cricket World Cups.

Betty Wilson was the First Cricketer ever to score A Century

60 years ago, scoring a century was non-existent. The first cricketer to score a century was Australia’s Betty Wilson. In 1958, she not only scored a hundred runs in a test match against England but also took 10 wickets in the same match.

by Lokendra Sharma | Fri, May 31 - 04:27 PM

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