Cowdung made beauty products are now being sold on Amazon in reasonable prices

Since the ancient times, Cow has been looked upon as a shrine animal, we used to pray her as God. Besides all this, it is no secret that Indians have found a variety of uses for gaumutra. It is said to have an abundance of benefits we can have from the cow, well one of the major useful product we get from the cow is gaumutra and it is not serving the purpose rather we have here's something else for you. You can now buy beauty products such as soaps, face packs, and shampoos made of cow urine and cow dung on Amazon India for fair and rational prices.


This concept of promoting cow-dung on the online platform was given up by The Deen Dayal Dham, located in Farah town of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, they will put out about a dozen health and beauty related products like face packs, and attires like kurtas on the website for sale.

He told that they discussed this with Amazon a few days ago, and after about a week, blurb these products on Amazon and eventually, it will reflect on Amazon’s website. People will then be able to order these products through it. The online platform has emerged out as one of the strongest medium of trading and Amazon among online source provides one of the most dominating services.


As per the reports given by Times Of India, farmers and peasants in the state of Rajasthan are earning much more than previous remunerations, increasing revenues by almost 30% by selling cow urine. Cow dung cakes are also available on Amazon, with prices starting from Rs 90 for a pack of 3. So what are you waiting for Just go and grab it from your Online shop Amazon?


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by Shifa Naz | Mon, Sep 24 - 11:37 AM

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