A Couple Making An Entry In Huge Flying Bird Cage Shows That Indian Weddings Are Getting Insane

India is a vast country with different types of cultures being followed by people here. From Hindu to Muslim, you will find people of each religion living here. With different cultures comes different traditions which are followed and it is simply amazing to see.

Marriages in India are definitely a treat to watch. While a Hindus opts for a traditional wedding where the bride and the groom take pheras, Muslims opt for nikaah; Catholics opt for a church wedding. So basically, you get to see marriages of different culture.

While millionaires spend lots of money having a big fat wedding which is grand in every way with pre-wedding functions which lastly ends with a lavish reception.

It has become a trend these days and especially after watching the big fat weddings of celebrities and businessman, commoners tend to have the same kind of wedding in a grand and filmy style.

The bride and groom try to do something different on their d-day to make it more special and memorable. And what’s better than making a smashing entry at their own wedding bash. This has become a trend now. We often see the newlyweds sitting in a chariot and made an entry.

However, some cross all the limits and cross all the limits of being extra stylish.

This couple chose to mount on flying birdcage for some reason to make an entry into the wedding venue. Because Indians are inherently extra in whatever do.

A video of the same was shared by a Twitter user and people are like what the hell is happening.

Take a look at it here:

What’s funnier is the moment they were about to make an entry between the guests, a song “Baahron Phool Barsao” was played in a high volume. A crane was seen hauling down the cage.

And wait, there’s more! As the couple and their bird cage are about to land on the ground, firecrackers attached to the carriage start to burst. What a waste!


So folks, what are your thoughts on this? Tell us in comments.

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Jul 15 - 12:29 PM

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