Some Countries And Their New Visa Rules You Need To Know Before You Plan A Trip Abroad

There are many countries that are becoming At a time when most countries are becoming extremely strict about the visa rules and regulations. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the travelers to travel to these countries. Or sometimes you might just end up canceling your plans because it becomes impossible due to the rules and regulations set by them. However, these 12 new rules from different countries have brought some satisfaction to the Indian travelers. So folks, if you're planning an international trip this year, be sure to know these new guidelines.


Japan too has made many changes in their visa rules for Indians and is now allowing applications for easy multiple-entry-visa. You just need to submit is a visa application form along with documents to prove financial capacity for the period of your visit. 'Applicant's Employment Certificate' and 'Explanation Letter which stated the reason for applying for multiple-entry-visa' is not mandatory anymore. Moreover, students enrolled in/ graduates from Indian Universities do not need to present financial documents for Japan visa anymore.


You don't need to apply for an airport transit visa if you are transiting through the international zones of any airport in France.


The United Arab Emirates is now offering 10-year work visa to Indian passport holders where Indian investors, as well as specialists in science, medicine and research, can apply.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

Tourists won't have to pay visa fees for dependants under the age of 18 if you visist to these two places between July 15 and September 15. Children need to be accompanied by their parents to avail this offer.


There's good news for all the Indian travelers as they don't need a special land route permit to enter into the country. Apply for an e-visa prior to your departure and present it at the check-post. You will receive your e-visa in less than 24 hours which will be valid for 28 days after your entry.

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