Concerned About Cell Tower Emission; Ask Govt to ensure cell tower radiation at your home

If you have any fear about emission from the mobile phone towers situated next to your dwelling, you can check out all its aspects on an administrative portal i.e.

Mr R M Chaturvedi, deputy director general of the department of telecommunications stated, “If still not convinced, just pay a nominal fee and a team from the department of telecommunications will come and give you the exact readings of electromagnetic radiation inside your room and locations inside your home.”

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Mr Chaturvedi was making attempts to allay the fears of dwellers and RWAs who got congregated at the NDMC Convention Centre on July 21.

With call drops turning out to be a everyday aspect in the national capital and setting up of extra towers is about to happen, NDMC has made plans for a gathering of RWAs, medical professionals, oncologists and the division of telecom administrators to relieve the frights of common inhabitants about the discernment of “ailing effects of mobile tower emissions.”

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Professionals attempted to guarantee citizens that the terror about EM radiations are not understandable and thorough study has failed to decisively prove any association between tower emissions and physiological unwell effects such as cancer, headaches, insomnia or infertility.

Sunil Kumar, director general (DoT), stated, “We all want mobile phones and its benefits but not the towers. Scientific evidence available in the public domain does not support any harmful EMF radiation from mobile towers. The radiation norms in India are 10 times more stringent than the international standards, recommended by the World Health Organisation.”

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Dr Anusheel Munshi, an oncologist from Manipal Hospitals, talked about the EMF project set up by WHO, where more than 50 national authorities and 8 global organisations get engaged.

“Since 1996, they have been reviewing scientific information to study possible hazards of low-level electromagnetic fields. Despite extensive research, there is no evidence to conclude that exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields is harmful to human health,” stated Munshi.

Dr Vivek Tandon, associate professor at AIIMS, cited that amongst all things that are supposed to result in cancer, EM emissions have been examined the most.

“India follows much stricter norms than any other developed county,” he said.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jul 23 - 03:38 PM

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