This comfortable room is on rent for 50k in London and amazingly it has no doors!! Check full details inside.

Depicted on SpareRoom as a 'comfortable, splendid twofold room' and arranged close to the Liverpool Street, London is being leased at Rs 51,560 every month, which isn't unreasonably awful for a room in the capital, where rents consume gap in the pocket of an ordinary person.

Only a certain something however, take a gander at the photos of the room:

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Did you discover something magical in this room? Investigate! Still not discovered anything?

From the photographs, it would appear that the room contains: a bed, closet, window, table, seat, radiator, white baseball top, and a few drawers.

In any case, there is one all the more thing that is required - an entryway. In this way, to get in or out of the room you may need to enter by the window or through the closet, Narnia-style.

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The photos of the room have circulated around the web after it was shared on Twitter, where it has been contrasted with a break room as individuals endeavor to make sense of how you would go into or leave the room.

Matt Hutchinson, executive of SpareRoom disclosed to The Daily Mail, "That is one small space and when our arbitrators spotted it, it was evacuated. It took us some time to work out if there was even a path in."

by Lokendra Sharma | Fri, Apr 12 - 12:07 PM

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